IHSP Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Each year, during the Thanksgiving season, clients and others in the community are offered the opportunity to choose items for a Thanksgiving meal. We offer canned and fresh vegetables, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, gravy, fresh fruit, instant, canned or fresh potatoes, breads, desserts and a turkey. 


Call 860-928-0169 [leave message] to reserve your Thanksgiving basket. If you are a Daily Bread client you can place your request during your food pick up. If you are not a regular client, your request will be added to a wait list and you will be called by the Friday before Thanksgiving to confirm your request. We make every effort to serve everyone in need of a Thanksgiving meal.


Distribution takes place in the Living Faith United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall on the Monday (from 11:00am until 7:00pm) before Thanksgiving. Sign ups begin in October and continue until the Friday before Thanksgiving in November.

IHSP Summer Food Program and Snak Paks

Offered through the Putnam Public Schools and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Seamless Summer Food Program offers free breakfast and lunch to any child, aged 18 or younger. It began as an open site in 2009 and participation in the program has continued to grow since that time. Sites vary each year but generally meals are available at the Putnam Elementary and High Schools (breakfast and lunch) and the Putnam Public Library and the Community Room at Hampshire Heights (lunch only.) All meals are free and must be eaten on site. The program runs from the end of school until the second Friday in August. Several sites offer free, family-fun programs. In order to provide for family time and table conversation, Interfaith Human Services of Putnam provides a significant grant in order to allow adults the opportunity to eat with their children or grandchildren. This grant has enabled hundreds of adults the opportunity to participate in the program.

In 2008, IHSP began its Summer Food Program, offering families the opportunity to use the food pantry twice a month. In 2009, Summer “Snak Paks” were added to the offerings. The intent was to provide children with food they could fix for themselves if their parents were working. “Snak Paks” contain macaroni and cheese or a pasta meal, canned fruit, juice, cereal, granola bar, pudding, peanut butter or cheese crackers and other items when they are available.

IHSP Nourishing Neighbors

Our Nourishing Neighbors Program is multi-faceted. 

COUPON PROGRAM - Helping people eat healthier is important to us.  Recognizing many of our clients could benefit from making small shifts in their daily eating habits to improve their long term health; and realizing that most of our clients do not have the financial resources to purchase fresh-frozen vegetables, we expanded our Coupon Program to include both Vegetable/Fruit and Farmer’s Market coupons.

Coupons are now provided for dairy, juice and fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables.  They can be used at Putnam Supermarket and Putnam Walmart.  As an option, clients can also participate in our Farmer’s Market Program which offers Daily Bread Food Pantry clients $3.00 coupons which can be used at the local Farmer’s Market to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

REDUCING FOOD WASTE - We are reducing food waste in America by participating in a Feeding America/Connecticut Food Bank Program which partners with local supermarkets.  Stop n Shop, Price Chopper and Big Y are helping to reduce food waste by providing our clients and others with fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen meats.

PLANT-A-ROW/GROW-A-ROW - As part of our gardening program individuals who grow their own vegetables are encouraged to plant an extra row and donate them to the Daily Bread Food Pantry.

As an example of how easy it is to grow your own vegetables, the IHSP-Daily Bread Food Pantry plants their own garden each year using the vegetables that are raised for their clients.  In 2018, this program was expanded to the Bulger/St. Onge Housing Complex.  Clients living in this complex were encouraged to adopt a portion of a grow bed and raise their own vegetables.  Tenants will do the planting, watering, weeding and harvesting and determine how the vegetables will be used.  Grow beds, built by the Tourtellotte Memorial High School, and funded through NDDH Healthquest, were used for this garden.  One was also provided to the Putnam Public Library.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - In 2018 as a means of empowering people to grown their own food, we offered our first Pot 2 Table Educational Program working with adults and younger children.  Led by Karen Osbrey and Cindy Froslie, participants were provided with everything they needed to grow their own tomato plant.  Twelve adults and children participated.  One family was so excited they went home and started their own Pot Garden.

IHSP Meals 4 Seniors Program

As part of the IHSP-Daily Bread’s Meals 4 Seniors Program, we partner with Connecticut Food Bank to provide CSFP “Senior Food Boxes” to assist in improving the health of low income senior citizens. This federally funded program supplements senior diets with nutritious USDA recommended commodity foods.

Participants in the program receive a food box each month consisting of staple foods, which include pasta, cereal, rice, canned fruit, canned vegetables and canned meat.

Seniors, over the age of 60, must meet federal income requirements in order to qualify for the program and complete an application once every six months. Monthly income for one person is $15,678; for two people it is $21,112.

Northeastern Connecticut Community Kitchens


Northeastern Connecticut Community Kitchens: Putnam site is open each Tuesday. For more than 20 years this site has offered a hot, nutritious meal. Located in the Fellowship Hall of the Living Faith United Methodist Church, off of Bradley Street in Putnam, people gather for fellowship and food. Conversation and gathering time usually begins at 9:30am. Meals are served at noon. All meals are free and everyone is welcomed.

Putnam Community Cafe

The Putnam Community Cafe serves a meal and fellowship every Friday from 11:30am - 1:00pm at The Living Faith United Methodist Church basement. Donations are accepted but not expected.  

Connecticut Mobile Food Bank

In partnership with Connecticut Food Bank, the IHSP-Daily Bread Food Pantry and TEEG (Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group), began operation of a Mobile Food Pantry. It is located at the St. Mary’s Church parking lot, behind St. Mary’s Parish and School, the fourth Tuesday of every month. Hours of operation are from 10:00am -11:00am. The pantry brings fresh fruits and vegetables, and other available items, as over-stock to clients on a monthly basis. It is available to anyone in need of extra food.  No photo ID is required.  BYOB [Bring Your Own Bags]. This program is intended to compliment food pantries that are already operational. The Mobile Food Pantry is staffed by volunteers from St. Mary’s Church, IHSP-Daily Bread Food Pantry and TEEG.

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