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IHSP Nourishing Neighbors….a multi-faceted program consisting of:

COUPON PROGRAM - Helping people eat healthier is important to us.  Recognizing many of our guests could benefit from making small shifts in their daily eating habits to improve their long-term health; and realizing that most of our guests do not have the financial resources to purchase fresh-frozen vegetables and fruit, we provide dairy, juice and fresh/frozen fruit and vegetable coupons that can be used at Putnam Supermarket. Guests can also choose to participate in the Putnam Farmer’s Market Program at the Riverview Marketplace from June through September.

REDUCING FOOD WASTE - We are reducing food waste in America by participating in a Feeding America/Connecticut Foodshare Program which partners with local supermarkets.  Stop n Shop, Price Chopper and Big Y are helping to reduce food waste by providing our clients and others with fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen meats.  Donations are also received from Cumberland Farms and Big Lots.

Grow a Row.jpg

PLANT-A-ROW/GROW-A-ROW - As part of our gardening program individuals who grow their own vegetables are encouraged to plant an extra row and donate them to the Daily Bread Food Pantry.

As an example of how easy it is to grow your own vegetables, the IHSP-Daily Bread Food Pantry plants their own garden each year using the vegetables that are raised for their guests.

Nutrition Education


Expanding our focus on healthy foods, the IHSP Eat A Rainbow Nutrition Program partners with the Putnam Family Resource Center to introduce fruits and vegetables to children who are part of the Center.  Recently children were introduced to different colored peppers and cranberries. They had an opportunity to taste them in the classroom and were sent home with coupons and ingredients to try the items in a finished product. Peppers were made into Veggie Fritters and cranberries into cranberry bread. To grow their minds, they also received books that focus on seeds and fruits. 

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Day Kimball Hospital Hematology/Oncology Caitlyn’s Cupboard Partnership

When cancer invades your space, healthy eating and good nutrition is extremely important.  With grant funding from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, Interfaith Human Services of Putnam will be partnering with Caitlyn’s Cupboard to see that patients have healthy food to eat on a regular basis.  We will be helping them procure healthy food and provide vegetable/dairy coupons for their patients.  In return, their Nutritionist, Caitlyn Sward, will be providing the Daily Bread Food Pantry with recipes and nutrition information for our clients.


Summer Food Program

Offered through the Putnam Public Schools and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Summer Food Program offers free breakfast and lunch to any child, under the age of 18.  Sites vary each year but generally meals are available at the Putnam Elementary and High Schools (breakfast and lunch) and the Putnam Public Library and the Community Room at Hampshire Heights (lunch only.)  All meals are free. The program runs from the end of school through the month of August. Several sites offer free, family-fun programs. In order to provide for family time and table conversation, Interfaith Human Services of Putnam provides a grant so adult caregivers have the opportunity to eat with their children or grandchildren.  Hundreds of adults have been able to participate in the program because of this funding support.


See below for information about the 2023 Summer Meals Program, including the menu and calendar of activities:

Thanksgiving Food Distribution


Our Thanksgiving Food Distribution has changed. Instead of providing a complete meal we are asking our guests to do their own shopping. They are provided a gift card to purchase their own turkey at one of our local supermarkets and coupons to purchase other items for their meal. Guests who receive a home delivery will be provided with a Thanksgiving Food Basket.

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